A PCB manufacturer in the UK

Cambertronics Ltd was established in 1991 to produce a range of data logging equipment as well as conducting specialised services for oil mist detection equipment. Service and repairs to many electro-mechanical devices are undertaken.

Cambertronics has always adopted a strong policy with regards to the environment and the impact that both the materials chosen and production methods used will have on the environment. Furthermore the packaging of all equipment is designed to have a minimum impact on the environment.

Looking for a manufacturing partner?

If you need printed circuit boards manufactured and assembled to your specification follow the link below to begin your enquiry. We can also provide any required cable assemblies and sub-assembly/box-build services.

Services Include

Services and repairs to many electro-mechanical devices

Product shipment around the globe on behalf of customers and their agents

Distribute Druck Transducers

Product testing the development of environmental control systems

The first successful radio-linked production control system

Development and manufacturing of equipment including installation and technical services

Quality Assured

IPC Printed Board Standards

The global trade association serving the printed board and electronics assembly industries, their customers and suppliers

European Printed Board Standards

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Manufactured in the UK

We are dedicated to bringing UK-manufactured products to market and putting UK manufacturing back on the map. All PCBs will be manufactured in the UK and will be bare board tested before shipping.

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Address: 12 Manfield Park, Cranleigh GU6 8PT
Tel: 01483 267619
Fax: 01483 271700

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