Cambertronics Conventional & Through Hole Component PCB Assembly Service

Through Hole Technology (THT) is an unavoidable scenario for high power applications; reliability and visual appearance can also override miniaturisation.

Our experienced Production Team are trained to IPC-610. Staff consistently hand assemble and solder connectors, wires, axial and conventional components to a high standard. Through Hole Components soldering processes can be a secondary stage to Surface Mount Technology (SMT). We emphasise the quality of THT and Conventional processes are subject to the same rigorous inspection processes as SMT.
Where the application lends itself, we offer Wave Flow Soldering for THT. Our experienced Production Team effortlessly deal with masking and protecting PCBs from unwanted solder.

Where and when required, Hand Solder is used for specific work secondary stage fits

Cambertronics also offers the following Services:

  • BGA Rework
  • Cable Assembly and wiring, test, including PCB connection and launch sites
  • Conformal Coating
  • Device Programming
  • Encapsulation (Potting)
  • Through Hole Repair Service

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