Terms & Conditions of purchase/s

  1. Cambertronics Ltd reserves the right of final approval of product, procedures, processes, and, where relevant equipment.
  2. Cambertronics Ltd reserves the right to review and approve Suppliers Quality Management Systems. Standard QMS requirements include:
    1. Suppliers maintaining a system for validating processes tantamount to that of a NADCAP program, or equivalent QMS system/s.
    2. Specific requirements and agreements will be specifically outlined within data supplied, where not detailed within the data requirements will be outlined within the Purchase Order Requisition.
    3. Suppliers initially approved for via Certification (ISO 9001:2015; ISO1725; AS9100 or AS9120) must notify Cambertronics Ltd of any changes to certifications or expiry of such.
    4. Product Processes specified by Purchase Order Requisition must be performed by qualified and competent personnel.
  3. Suppliers shall maintain product identification, serial nos or batch codes, revision status specifications, technical drawings, process requirements, Inspection/verification instructions and relevant technical data such as test results.
  4. Cambertronics Ltd reserves the right to approve or specify designs and requirements for Inspection Processes, Test Processes, Verification and use of statistical data used for Product Acceptance, including device or product characterisation data to aid product failure analysis or investigations.
  5. Suppliers are required to:
    1. Advise Cambertronics of nonconforming product immediately upon discovery
    2. Where possible request concessions or approval for nonconforming product.
    3. Notify Cambertronics Ltd of product changes due to revised processes, material obsolescence due to legal compliance or legislation changes such as (see 10)*SVHC materials, supply chain issues, or changes to manufacturing processes and origin of materials and products.
    4. Suppliers should ensure that their supply chain and personnel are kept abreast of product and service requirements for Product Conformity, Safety and Quality.
  6. Suppliers are required to retain all records associated with Purchase Order Requisitions as required by contract.
  7. Cambertronics Ltd reserves Right of Access by our representatives, our customers and Regulatory Authorities to applicable areas of all Supplier Facilities and relevant parameters of the supply chain with access to all applicable records; notwithstanding sensitive and commercial data.
  8. Suppliers providing Calibration Services must be certified to ISO17025 or equivalent. All Calibration Certificates must identify specific standards.
  9. Counterfeit material detection: Suppliers shall maintain Counterfeit Item risk mitigation processes internally and within its suppliers. Supplier shall notify Cambertronics Ltd if items required to satisfy Purchase Order Requisitions that cannot be Purchased from OEMs or Authorised Distributors.
    Cambertronics must be informed in the first instance when they are forced into Purchasing materials or products from sources other than Authorised Distributors or OEMs and present a their case for such actions.
  10. *Conflict materials – it is our expectation that our Suppliers (and their Supply Chain) acquire materials from ethical, responsible sources, having full traceability back to the smelter; should this expectation not be met, Cambertronics Ltd must be informed of affected parts referencing the relevant Purchase Order Requisition.

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