Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

SMT Assembly

Cambertronics vision and laser guided SMT assembly offer speed, accuracy flexibility for PCBs up to 550mm x 510mm. Our Engineering Team can take customers (or our own) pick and place data for reading into our SMT Lines. Where pick and place data is not available, our Engineering Team can generate pick and place programmes to suit. Our SMT lines accurately place SMT parts from as small as 01005 to large BGAs, PLCCs, QFNs, TQFPs – to name a few packages. We also have optical rework stations for the replacement and repair of active components on PCBAs.

Solder Pasting (Solder Paste Stencils):

Cambertronics provide high quality Solder Paste Stencils with leading edge positional accuracy. Our Solder Paste Stencils are tailored to PCB designs and SMT technologies using Solder Paste Layers from Gerber data. Solder Paste Stencils can be laser cut or chemically etched to suit the application, our solder paste machinery and SMT technologies.  Bespoke Solder Paste Stencils can be created by our Engineering Team to pattern repeat and step to multiple images, and, can be modified to specific thicknesses, tensions, variable solder pastes and specifications. Solder Paste Stencils can also be recessed or stepped to allow for a blend of SMT Technologies, such as a mix of standard SMT & very fine pitch SMT.

    Rapid Prototyping SMT Assembly Lines:

    Cambertronics SMT Assembly extends to low-volume, allowing complex one off designs to fully productionise, ready for approval of the first article and often increased production levels.  

    SMT Solder Reflow Assembly:

    Cambertronics Engineering Team have vast experience on selecting best solder reflow methods, our huge data banks aid establishment of delta profiles creating the fastest and most accurate profile and solder reflow route for a successful process. Technologies include zoned convection ovens or vapour phase.  

    All SMT assemblies whether high or low volume are subject to the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) prior to the next stage, which could be conventional, or box build and/or test.

    For further information on SMT, Solder Paste Screen, or Reflow technologies, please contact us.

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