Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Service

Our in-house PCB designers specialise in designing printed circuit boards for a demanding applications in a wide range industries. Our design team have a broad breadth of experience and the ability to define customer requirements whilst following best-practice approaches, adhering to IPC Generic Standards for Printed Circuit Board Design in conjunction with IPC standards for PCB Manufacturing.

Key features:

  • Fluid communication between Design & Operational Team
  • Customer window on real-time development lifecycles
  • Ability to plan, modify and forecast accurate customer product delivery
  • Delivery of the first article, right first time
  • Shortest development and manufacturing cycles
  • Committed to quality processes and continual improvement
  • Compliant to ISO 9001:2015 WEE and RoHS, but flexible to specific standards.

PCB Design Tools (preferred, but not limited to):

  • OrCAD & HDL Schematic Entry
  • Cadence Allegro
  • PCAD

PCB Design in Power, Signal and RF with experience in:   

  • Multi-layer (up to 36 layer as standard)
  • High speed digital
  • RF: Matched impedance & length, differential pairs, Stripline, Microstrip, Co-planar.
  • RF and high speed dielectric materials
  • High temperature/high Tg materials (and components)
  • High voltage and high current applications
  • PTH, blind and buried and backdrilled vias
  • Design check/DRC
  • Autorouting (where allowable)
  • Gerber 274X, 274D Artwork Output
  • Valor ODB++ File Output


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Address: 12 Manfield Park, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8PT UK
Tel: 01483 267619

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